Welcome to The Chiropractic Authority

Welcome to The Chiropractic Authority

Mighty things are about to happen…

We want to welcome you for joining us on this amazing journey. Train hard, expect great results, implement every day, and watch your practice grow. This will magnify your income and give you the FREEDOM you deserve.

How this system can revolutionize your practice

What this system is designed to do…

When you learn to attract the millions that want to lose weight, explain physiology a very specific way, they totally understand why they NEED a chiropractic evaluation. When done properly, they not only buy the IN8LIFE weight loss system but sign up for your chiropractic program and stay under long-term care. Along comes the Money!

Success on this Program

You have to do the work and put in the time… not long and you will be killing it!

Successful people have strategies. If you do the work and put in the time, you will see amazing results. We have mapped out every aspect – you just need to watch, study, engage and grow. Your million dollar practice is waiting!!

Your mindset to success

It first starts with a mind-shift….

Your attitude and ACTION will yield results. You must get it right in your head that you WILL succeed and WILL do the action. “If its going to be….its up to me!” We as Chiropractors need to grow and have massive success.

8 Week coaching/mentoring video series

Simply send your patient/client an email with this link – Send the URL when clicking on the 8 week
Coaching/Mentoring below. Use the “chain link” with title 8 week coaching to be specific.
When they sign on, they will immediately get started with the 8 week coaching from our office.
This could be a nice benefit and support for their success.
**Make it personal. Connect with them.
Only takes a few minutes to set up an email with this link.

8 Week Coaching/Mentoring
Day 1 - The beginning

Phone Script

You or staff can make or break a big deal on the phone…

The phone script is very important. Every contact, every ad, every workshop and greeting all add up to helping you connect and make a sale. Yes, it is a sale. You are selling them on health, vitality and your services. If not, they will go elsewhere.

Welcome to the office

Their first meeting is scary for them….make it spectacular

This may be the first time in a chiropractic office.  They are probably scared and nervous, but hopeful. You MUST make them feel welcome and part of a new family

The office tour

Don’t underestimate any step of the system

The office tour is like showing someone around your house. Make them feel comfortable and get their curiosity up why you have adjusting rooms, therapy or rehab, and a pediatric area. Whatever you have to show off and connect them to your system – do it.

Day 1 - Consult

Review history and initial consult

Dig deep with questions, but don’t give your opinion…

This line of questioning will uncover facts and problems that will build the case to close at the ROF. The staff or doctor doing this must just ask questions and NOT give opinion or comment. The doctor will use this information at their consult to make a case.

Review history/initial consult – The Why behind the questions

This line of questioning is very important…

The questions you ask during the initial consult will uncover key facts to build your case. The patient must see clearly how big and deep their problem is. The doctor will use this information in exam and ROF.

Initial Dr overview for consult

Explain what you are going to do….

You always want to be clear on what you will be doing and the purpose of the consult. If you don’t answer their questions, they will not be ready to buy on the ROF. Be very clear and concise.

Goals overview for chiropractic patient

Before an exam – this MUST be done…

Of course they want adjusted that day, leave without paying and never come back. You MUST dig up their goals and how this is affecting their life. Once you establish that, you will be able to do a full exam, test, x-rays or whatever you do and adjust AFTER the ROF.

Consult – Explaining the weight loss system

Make it simple and emphasize the Rapid weight loss system

Explain very basics of program. Remember, they don’t care so much about if products are pills or shakes, they want results. Get to the point and make it clear that the RESULTS are amazing….not the products.

Goals – Rate your current health

This is important to find how they think

This first question lets you know if they are a minimizer. How they view their health sets up your questions to follow. Without this first question – you may never get them to buy! Every step is extremely important. This question is for you – not them.

Goals – Why is this important?

You must get their reason why they came to you…

Getting the true meaning behind their goal is critical. It takes some patience and time to develop this skill, but well worth it. This video will get you started immediately.

What would you like to accomplish

It is their goal – not yours!

It doesn’t matter what they say here. It is their goal. If you try to sell them on chiropractic, when they want weight loss – they will walk. You must be able to show them you will help them obtain their goal. Then they will buy your system.

Consult – Getting 12 month goals

Setting the pace for long term care

These simple ninja moves plants the seeds of long term care. You also want to know where they want to be over the next year. They may possibly hit these goals over the 3 month IN8LIFE system and be thrilled. Over-deliver!

Do you have any concerns?

This is a MAJOR question, most people are afraid to ask

When you know their concerns {money, time, or distance} you will know exactly what to address in the ROF. This is where you can make or break a close.

Dr. Muir explains Nerve system and physiology

The power behind this script is the #1 connection

You want to be able to move them away from diet and exercise and make the connection behind the nerve system, physiology and weight loss. This gives them a true understanding why chiropractic care will help them not only lose weight but regain their health. Ninja Move!!

Dr. Tressler Explaining physiology – Consult

This is the BIG connection…

When you tie this together in the consultation, you can connect any symptom, health condition or complaint. This is a game changer. Remember to memorize this and have it down. You want to be able to deliver a very precise and powerful message.

Day 1 - Exam and Testing

Checking Posture

Don’t complicate the simple steps…

Checking posture is easy, but you must direct and connect. Direct the obvious postural distortions to how this MAY be contributing or possibly causing the physiological stress. They get it! Don’t overcomplicate this.

Overview of palpation

This is a major step in connecting…

Your hands need to be strong and direct. They need to feel your presence and love behind your strong hands. This builds confidence and a deeper connection.

Palpation – Dr Tressler

Palpation is the hands-on meeting….

You must be a leader here and show them that you know what you are talking about. They must feel the connection from your hands, words, and heart.

Palpation – Dr. Muir

This connection is critical…

Dr. Muir makes a strong case when palpating. You must be the doctor and the authority. But, you MUST make a strong connection with your hands.

Palpation with kids – advanced

This is an awesome ninja move…

When doing palpation with young children, you can show parents how good you really are. You must master this move and you will greatly increase the parents trust.

Palpation of very young child

When families come in, you must be ready to examine kids….

Palpation is a simple test with kids to find lack of motion, palpable tender areas, and possible pain. Use your chiropractic skills here.

Palpation review – symptoms/pain

Address palpation with their health concerns…

Palpation is a strong tool to make the connection behind all their complaints, symptoms, and pain. This is a bridge between weight loss symptoms, function, and chiropractic. Be strong and quick.


Keep it simple….

The patient is looking for answers and want to know if you are the Authority. Simple tests such as; Lean screen, pH, and body fat analysis are enough.

Day 1 - Moving forward with Tests, X-rays, and Scheduling ROF

Scheduling Spouse at ROF

Very important step – must be well scripted…

Their success as well as your closing them on care pivots on the spouse most of the time. You must be clear in your goal here, and be confident.

Closing of Day 1

Strong close to set up success…..

After all the consult and preliminary tests are done, and before x-rays or scans, you want to explain the process of the ROF. This is a critical step.

Patient doesn’t want spouse at ROF

This is tricky and with the right questions, you can win….

When the spouse attends the ROF, the rate of closing is much higher. You must explain this properly or it will feel like a set-up. This is a very important step so you don’t have fight the answer “I have to go home and ask my spouse”.

Patient wants to be adjusted on day 1

Be the authority…..

Adjusting on day 1 is often a HUGE mistake. If they feel good – they may never come back. If they feel worse – they will not come back. Be the authority – but you must be well scripted and know WHY. Be real but be strong.

Patient expects adjusted on day 1

They all want quick results….

Don’t let them take over your authority. You must be clear – but show the reason behind NOT adjusting them. Do it in love and you will succeed. Do it with an attitude and you will lose a patient.

Question about insurance

They want to know if insurance will cover….

When a patient has insurance, they all want to know if it covers care. Be direct and answer their question, but don’t elaborate!

Day 2 - Report of Findings

ROF overview

The Report of Findings is the BIG step….

You must be prepared and bold. You must know WHY they came in and what they want. Being non emotional is a key point when going over finances. This is Game-Time!

Review of protocol

Your review must be clear and short….

They want to know – Can you help me & what will it cost?
Don’t get derailed here. Be short and precise, but you must speak and act with authority.

Walk in and set the tone

You must be The Authority….

The patient is looking for a leader, not a friend. You must walk in room and set the tone. It must be serious and establish that the review needs their full attention.

Don’t ask Questions

This can kill you….

You when ask questions, you give them authority. You need to stay strong, teach them, and be the leader. They don’t know what they are looking at – don’t ask them!

Going over Lean Screen and weight issue

This picture says it all…

This is the most powerful picture and tool you need to establish their weight problem is serious and they are in a crisis. Don’t under estimate the power of this review and don’t believe you need more tests.

Review of Lean Screen

This is so simple and so powerful…

You do not need to overcomplicate the testing. They know they need to lose weight, know that it is a problem affecting their life, and are ready to hear the answer. The Lean Screen just confirms this.

Review of Lean Screen – Dr. Muir

Quite simple and quick…

As you review their results – just review without emotion. They understand how big their problem is with this test.

Transition to x-ray and testing

Directly after the Lean screen move into test results.

You do not need to spend too much time on results. They are looking at each test and realizing they have a serious problem and waiting to hear the cost. Move quickly, but clearly, as you review all your findings.

Normal and Healthy x-ray

Be brief and clear….

Your patient is not interested in becoming a x-ray tech. They need to understand the basics and how it relates to their needs and goals.

Normal/healthy x-ray – close up

Make it short and quick….

They do not want to be x-ray technicians. The basics are powerful and enough to establish how serious their problem is.

Phases of degeneration

Explaining the process of time and DJD is powerful…

This will show them that if they don’t stop this, it will only get worse. This makes it critical to start chiropractic care. Make the connection to future health.

Phases of degeneration – Dr. Muir

Time is of essence…

If they do not stop this – it will affect their health. They understand and will nake the connection to their own x-ray. Pictures are powerful.

X-ray review of arthritis

Each element is important – create your authority….

This visual is powerful. Take time to explain this clearly. Combine this explanation with nerve flow and physiology. This connects their weight problem with the spine, subluxation and stress.

Explaining x-ray to a patient – Dr. Muir

How to explain x-rays clearly to a patient…

Dr. Muir establishes clear and concise the exact info a patient needs to know and understand. Train on this and implement immediately.

Explaining x-ray to a patient – Dr. Tressler

Be powerful, short, and the Authority….

Dr. Tressler makes it clear why x-ray is an important part of their correction process. You can keep it short without losing details.

Motion x-rays – Dr. Muir

This step makes it clear they have a problem…

The motion x-rays make it very clear their spine is under stress, not moving and causing physiology problems. Motion creates energy and healing, so without motion – they are under tremendous stress. Relates this to their symptoms, weight gain, hormones, and thyroid, and they will totally understand why they must get adjusted and corrected.

Motion x-rays – Actual patient

Here’s how it looks with a bad spine….

Patients will not have much movement in the spine. This is typical to have 6 – 10 subluxations, or restricted movement, in the cervical region.

Closing without x-rays

When you don’t do x-rays…..

You can close any patient with the confidence and authority. Learn how to close without x-rays and base it on your testing

Day 2 Report of Findings - Financials and Closing

Financial forms

How To Kick Ass

Be prepared, confident and your goal is to HELP them…

Review of finances – cash

As insurance goes away, you must be the Authority to collect cash…

Patients are willing to pay cash for exchange of weight loss, health, and energy. You must be clear and non-emotional when doing a close. Be well scripted and all will go well.

Review of finances – cash couple

Closing a couple is as easy as closing an individual….

They already know that the program will be double, and it will cost a lot. Don’t be emotional here, just go through the process and let it work. A great way to not only increase your patient visits, but double your income immediately.

Review of finances – insurance

Just explain simple and easy…

When explaining finances, make it clear and short. Don’t get into deep insurance explanation. It will only confuse them. But, be ready to answer clearly how their insurance works if needed.

Patient brings spouse or friend

Do you dare address the spouse or friend….

By asking and getting the spouse or friend on your side, it will be 2 against 1. They will agree and confirm this is the right thing to do. A sure way to win the close.

That’s a lot of money

That all say that….

Handling objections is not hard. Many times you must AGREE with them and it will immediately diffuse the situation and allow you to close the deal. Remember, signing them up allows them to heal and your business to flourish.

I need to talk to my spouse – review problems and close

Many times the request is a decoy

They usually don’t have to talk to spouse. It is a way to exit because they have an underlying question or concern. Addressing their symptoms, problems and goals may resolve this quick or get them to tell the truth.

Talk to spouse – would she say no?

Excuses come in a wide variety….

Their spouse knows they came to this appointment, knows they have health problems, and knows that they need to lose weight – this is just an excuse. Address the issue and see if there is an underlying concern.

More than I expected

It’s always more than they expect….

This doesn’t mean they won’t buy. Simply means its more than they thought it would be. Agree with them and close.

I can’t afford it – reduce the rehab

Don’t let this stop you, there are strategies…

If the patient truly cannot afford the complete program, one way to help is reduce one part of your care plan. We reduce in-office rehab and show them the cost to see if it works. They are there to buy and get results, close the deal.

They want to start weight loss right away

Explain the protocol and be clear….

They all want to start right away. The protocol will make them succeed. Explain the protocol and the why behind this and they will always be on board.

I have to think about it

Don’t let them walk with this response….

When the patient says they have to think about it, it really means you have not addressed their concern. Dig deep and find out what they have to think about. When you find the concern – correct it and close.

I have to go home and pray about it

Another decoy – be bold….

Agree with them, but address the real reason behind this excuse. They probably really don’t have to pray about it, it is just an excuse because their is another concern you haven’t answered.

That’s a lot of money

It always is a lot of money…

No matter if it is $100 or $5,000 it is always a lot of money. Agree with them and move forward. If you don’t agree and try to express the value – you will blow the deal.

That’s more than I expected

Isn’t is always…..

This is not a problem. Don’t treat it as a problem, treat it as a simple complaint. Don’t we all want things to be cheaper.

Schedule for chiropractic visits and weight loss consult

Schedule first – adjust second….

Before you adjust after report of findings, collect money and schedule for chiropractic visits and weight loss consult. Get all info out of way before you give them the first and most powerful adjustment.

The first adjustment

Payment first and then the adjustment….

Before you give the first adjustment, make sure to collect the money and give all details cleared away with staff. After all done, adjust them. Take time, explain, and do exactly what you will do each visit. No more and no less.

IN8LIFE Weight loss system

The IN8LIFE weight loss book / manual

This book is a major connection to weight loss, physiology and chiropractic

This explains every aspect of the program and the connection between chiropractic and weight loss. This has every step of the weight loss program for high success. It is the manual, the directions for all supplements, and the food journal. This is what you need at consults and it makes it VERY EASY!

Review of the products

Each product works synergistically together for fast and easy results

We have designed a system that is easy to use, has fast weight loss results and works with the physiology. When physiology is reset and working properly, there will be long lasting results. They work directly with chiropractic and restoring physiology.

Our custom brochure we use for office and promotions – If you would like to customize and order – please send me an email and we can figure out a price based on your quantity.

First consult & the 8 day cleanse

It is all mapped out in our book….

The first consult explains exactly what they need to do. It is all outlined in the book. The power comes from the simplicity of our program.

The first consult

You are encouraging and guiding….

The first consult is a review to see if they are following the program. Be encouraging and uplifting. Review their food journal and be strong.

The 8 week Rapid weight loss program

This is the main ingredient behind rapid weight loss…

You must be a leader and direct them. This 8 week rapid weight loss can yield 20-40+ Lbs. When the client follows through and doesn’t cheat – they get amazing results. You must make them understand this and motivate them to succeed.

Retrain program

8 days of retraining back to eating for life….

This is a simple and powerful step. They must be slow and cautious not to gain weight. This transition will set up healthy eating for life.

Tracking and food journal

They must track and journal….

This is a KEY tool for your consults. Clients who track and journal succeed much greater than those who don’t. Without tracking, you will not be able to do proper consults.

Eating for life

This is where you make long term connections….

They desperately want to keep the weight off for life. Show them exactly what they need to do, promote your other workshops, and sell them on wellness supplements.

Reviews and updates

This is another way to promote and sell….

At every review you want to make sure they are reaching their goals. If not, you can suggest another program, a booster program or other products to continue moving them in the right direction. This includes chiropractic care!

How to succeed on this program

Keep it simple – it is powerful….

This weight loss program works – you must help them understand this and keep them on track. If they adhere to the program, begin to see results immediately, and stay focused on their goals – you both will have amazing success.

Explaining weight loss and physiology

This is where the magic happens…..

When you tie this together – the deep connection of weight loss and nerve function are one system. Weight gain is a symptom. Weight loss and health come from lifestyle changes and nerve system function.

How the low calorie diet works

There is a BIG reason for low calorie…

When skipping breakfast and low calories, the body has to find calories for fuel. It will burn fat (especially from belly) for fuel. This is where the magic happens and patients love to see their waistline shrink.

How often to do consults

The plan works every time….

The consults are to keep them on track and help them succeed. You do not have to consult with them every week. E-mail or phone calls can work to keep this to a minimum.

Weight loss patients on medication

You didn’t put them on medication – you don’t have to take them off….

What should you do if a patient is on medication? This is not hard. They will begin to heal and possibly reduce or eliminate the needs for medication quickly.

What if they cheat

There will always be a few that cheat…

Your job is to keep them focused and on track. But you will not be able to stop some from cheating. This is NOT your responsibility, nor should you feel bad if their weight loss stops or they gain a couple. Usually pretty quick to get back on track.

Re-exams to upsell of weight loss or cleanse

Every exam and consult is a possible upsell…

The purpose is not to sell them things they don’t need just for your income! But they are looking for guidance and they want to reach their goal. When you offer an upsell, they may or may not take it. Either way – help them and tell the what they Need!

Booster Program

When they need a little more….

A simple way to keep them going. A booster program is less than the entire program but allows them to continue losing weight rapidly.

Don’t sell them a bottle of SLIM IN8

There is a big reason why….

They need direction and results. Be the leader they need.

Reviews and updates

Each review is a training session…..

At each review and update, your goal is to keep them on task. Help them reach their goals, that is why they came to you. This is also another opportunity to sell them a booster, additional supplements, or programs you offer. Remember – they came to YOU for results. Deliver them.

Referrals at weight loss consult

There is always a time to ask for referrals….

Always be asking and expecting. When always asking, you will have many more opportunities for referrals, outside talks, and getting family under care.


Re-exam First month or 12th visit

These are great ways to connect and created life-long patients

The re-exam can be brief, but you must make a deeper connection to life-long care. Address their needs, concerns and symptoms but don’t forget to inspire them to how powerful their health goals are. This will also create referrals and family care.

2nd Re-exam 2 month or 24 visit

Connecting the long-term necessity for chiropractic care…

Each exam and re-evaluation builds on the past. You will need to address their concerns while keeping their goals alive. They must be able to see a healthy future. Create referrals, long-term care, and an excited patient.

36 visit or 3 month exam

This is our completion of correction care….

This is where we test, shoot post x-rays, and you do all the testing you did in initial exam. The results speak volumes!

Testing, x-rays, and exams

Do all tests that you did on day 1 exam…

This will be the comparison study they have been working so hard for. They feel great, now they want to see if you have changed their structure, subluxations, lean screen, posture, and whatever tests you do. This will keep them under care right into wellness.

Long-term wellness care

The goal is to keep them long-term

When you help them achieve amazing results and go over their results, it is not hard to sell them on long-term care.


Doctor’s report

This is where they see the future, your vision, and dream big…

You need to educate, motivate and inspire. Chiropractic principles will transform their lives – you must deliver.

Progress report

This is a mini doctor’s report….

Continue to share your vision and how powerful chiropractic and the principles of healing are. They need motivated and inspired. This is your chance to help them see their future with chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle – they will stay under care for 1 year wellness.

Review of tests, exams and x-rays

This is simple, powerful and extends their care plan…

Their progress is not the end – it is the beginning. We have an extremely high conversion rate with wellness. They must understand this is progress and must keep at it to continue to improve, heal, and stay healthy. Quite simple.

Long term or wellness care

This is easy…don’t blow it!

They trust you, they love their new body and how they feel. You must be the leader, the doctor, and their future doctor! Look long term. We see them under care until death – which should be a long, healthy life!

End of year progress exam and resign

This is just another resign….easy!

After their first year – their health has transformed. They want to keep it. Rise up and be the leader, doctor, and healer that you are. They need you for life – let them know this. Be powerful

End of plan resign – Dr. Muir

Simple and powerful….

Each time you sign up a patient for long term care, you set up long term income and growth.

Marketing campaign

Start with your patients

Your excitement will drive them to your workshop….

Make a flyer, talk about it with excitement and get them to the workshop. Any way to get them their and have a friend – will explode your growth.

Your first workshop

This is where growth happens…

The workshop developed my practice and connected chiropractic with weight loss. This is the BIG Game-Changer. Do this correctly – and they will pay, bring their family, and expect a chiropractic exam when they came in ONLY for weight loss!

Closing the workshop

Simply tell them what to do….

They are looking for a leader. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. Go sign up, pay, and pay for your family. That’s it.

You should never have to tell them the cost

If they ask – you are cornered….

You must make this very clear during your workshop or consult. When you are clear – they NEVER ask.

Ads for newspaper, social media or flyers

This Is My Awesome Thingy Membership…

Weight Loss Workshops – Video’s and Powerpoints

This is where the connection is made….

Weight Loss Webinar

Reach out to your community through workshops and webinars….

How to get people to your workshop

Market your patients first….

Start with your own patients and get them to your workshop first. All you need to do is start talking about it, pass out flyers and make a big deal about it.

Referral Script for rehab

Referrals can be at any time…

Simple script your staff or the doc can do during rehab. Always want to be promoting.

Referral script for doc

Always talk up chiropractic and weight loss…

Always be promoting!

Asking for referrals

Always ask….

Asking for referrals needs to become daily talk in your office and ANYWHERE you go. People need our help and our dying without it….literally. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Asking for referrals at front desk

Everyone needs to be talking new patients….

A simple script at front desk can yield new patients.

How to make a killing from the Lean Screen

This ONE test can make you millions….

This is the most powerful and simple test to engage the patient or new patient in a weight loss or other nutritional program. A picture is all they need. No other testing is necessary. A simple I-pad, a picture, print it and off to the races.