Day 1 connection and Day 2 ROF are the MOST important part of growing your practice and making money.

Day 1 Weight loss questions and objections

1. “I have a chiropractor”

2. “I didn’t know this is a chiropractors office or about chiropractic”

3. “I just want to lose weight”

4. “I don’t want chiropractic”

Day 2 ROF

You must answer their question before they ask!

1. You must connect and set the tone

2. Every detail blends chiropractic and weight loss strategies

3. “That’s a lot of money”

4. “I have to talk to my spouse”

Webinar: Wednesday Oct 25th 1:00 pm EST

Webinar link: How to grow your practice with weight loss patients; Day 1 and Day 2 killer strategies.

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