EOS is a critical strategy to grow your practice and attract new patients into your office.

When the question is asked, “what do you do?”, the worse thing is to just blurt out ‘chiropractor’. They all have a preconceived idea what a chiropractor is, and unfortunately, it isn’t always positive. In fact, the analysis is that they don’t trust us and have a negative vibe.

You must be clear on this, write out your EOS, and begin to attract new patients in every where you go. The questions are for your guide, the answers are our office EOS. When they know what you believe – they will be attracted or repelled. This is exactly what you want.

1. What I believe?

I believe the body can heal and thrive without drugs and surgery. {Sometimes we need a helping hand, that’s why everyone needs a chiropractor}

2. Why I believe that?

The body has an Innate potential to heal far greater than any drug, pill or vitamin.

3. What I really do?

Through chiropractic care and/or our rapid weight loss program, we unlock the potential to heal naturally. {and expect amazing results, fast results}

4. How I do it differently?  (3 statements)

1. We analyze the spine and nerve system with digital and motion x-rays to find out what is stopping [interfering] with your body from healing.

2. We come up with a plan to correct this problem [interference] so the body can heal itself naturally.

3. If weight loss is needed, we have a very rapid way to lose weight naturally and reset the body’s own physiology and metabolism so this becomes a permanent solution.

4. Social proof / testimonies.

Make sure you write up a testimony for each of your main things you help with. Ex: weight loss, back/neck pain, headaches, acid reflux, migraines, ear infections. Have them ready for every situation. If you don’t have any, use ours or other chiropractors testimonies until you have your own results.

5. Close

“If I could do this for you, just like I’ve done for everyone else, what in the world would stop us from taking action and working with each other?”

We believe the same things. I’ve showed you what it is we do. I’ve showed you how we do it differently than anyone else. And, I’ve showed you results we go for everyone else out there in the world.

Or, “If I could help you lose weight like I did with Susan (testimony), would you like to come in for our free consult/exam, to see how we can help you?”

Or, “Out of everything I’ve shared, what peaks your interest the most?”

Use our weight loss testimonials until you get your own. Just say, “This IN8LIFE system has _______”

“We have gotten incredible results with our clients so far. {List out a few testimonies}

This is far better than saying….”I’m a chiropractor” and having them walk away thinking you crack backs!

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