How you communicate can make or break you. This can be one of the most powerful tools in your game plan. Without great (not good) communication, you will feel so frustrated and confused.

1. Don’t take them down the yes path.

Big mistake most of the time. This has been taught to us in many seminars, books, and business strategies. We have been taught to get them to say “yes” with little things and then they will say “yes” to your big question – the financial decision. This can be a huge mistake.

2. Get the “no” out of the way.

The ALL have concerns; money or finances, time, adjustments.

Agree with them, let them know that you understand they already have those concerns, you know they are skeptical, and understand why they may be worried about an adjustment. Don’t hide behind this. When you address their “no”, their heart opens up to tell you exactly what their true concerns are.

3. Ask What and How questions, not Why.

This is a ninja move. We are all trained to ask “why” wouldn’t you want to do the program?, “why” wouldn’t you pull money from savings to pay for the program?, “why” haven’t you got your family in to be checked?

When you move away from “why” and ask “how” can I help you get your family in to be checked?, “what” can I do to help you lose the additional 50 lbs?. The what and how engages the patient to explain in their words what needs to happen.

Be a “straight shooter” and you will win and become connected.

Ask the hard questions and your connection will even be greater and even deeper. Results = more healing, more new patients, more growth and more income.

Go change the world.

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