Dan Borowski is a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania native who for the last four years has been residing in Seattle Washington.

He has many diverse hobbies and interest from rock climbing, backpacking, recently certified scuba diver, and all-around health and fitness enthusiast to Philosophy, astronomy, geology, and overall personal growth.

When Dan was 18 years old he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After two years dealing with the disease through pharmaceutical medicines and their devastating side effects he began to search for alternative remedies which led him down a life changing course to better health.

His story is shocking and real. This happens way to often and has to change. At such a young age, and advice from a cousin, his life and health began to take a dramatic change. The timing was absolutely perfect. Imagine having to educate yourself on alternatives, side effects of medications, and trying to avoid a lifetime of drugs and have a section of your colon cut out, only to live with a bag!

He did it. He not only beat the odds, he is now an inspiration and example of a true champion. His motto is – “Keep Swinging”.

You will love his story. Be inspired to take on your challenge and win. We can all gain tremendous insight and courage from Dan.


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