The public does NOT understand what Chiropractic is and what Chiropractic can do?

You must tell stories and analogies. Jesus always told parables and stories. These stories are easy to remember and they bridge the gap.

The gap is where they are right now and where you want them to go. Pain and symptoms is what may bring them in, but it won’t keep them under long term care. Take them where they are and agree with them, and then start to gently move them forward to understand the principles.

We do this with each client/patient that comes in for weight loss and quickly help them understand how and why the nerve system, aka = chiropractic, is the primary concern for weight loss and long term healing.

Stories must be told on a 3rd grade level. Don’t play doctor and super-educated doctor. Be real and simple.

1. Garden hose story. Simple and they understand it. Use it!! You must first get them to agree and understand a concept, and then you can elaborate.

2. Light bulb and light switch story.

3. Car alignment story. Great way for them to realize stress causes wear and tear. Arthritis and degeneration.

4. Fuse box story. The Power story that explains why a quick and simple adjustment may be all that you need. Keeps the adjustment powerful.

5. Engine light goes on story. Explains symptoms and drugs. Why we take care of our car the way we take care of our body?

6. Brushing your teeth story.

7. Building a house story. We need an engineer (brain and nerve system) and we need good material (lifestyle with nutrition, exercise, and thoughts)

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