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Dr Groulx was piloting a small aircraft in 2011 when he started to feel dizzy and nauseous. He decided to scrub the flight, landed, and by the time he shut down the engine and removed his headset, he was deaf in his left ear.

Forty-eight hours later he was deaf, blind, in the early stages of kidney failure and becoming more and more paralyzed.

Doctors knew he had some kind of infection but did not know where it was coming from. Eventually they performed a lumbar puncture and learned that he had bacterial meningitis. Despite being given the most powerful antibiotics available, he was not responding to treatment and his neurological status continued to decline.

Doctors told his wife, Beth, to prepare herself for his imminent death.

As much as he has recovered beautifully from such a traumatic illness, his energy levels and stamina were very, very slow to return. Practice was difficult but continuing to do the marketing and all the extra work required to sustain his business became UNsustainable.

This was the impetus for the birth of one of his highest values in his practice….LEVERAGE. He was forced to find ways to be able to leverage his time, talent and money to multiply the results of all his efforts.

Dr Groulx has made a habit of taking action on the 20% of things that creates 80% of the results.

Marketing his practice online became his #1 method of bringing new patients to his clinic using the “Mere-Exposure Effect”. The Mere-Exposure method allows him to use social media to create authority and trust – making him the go-to chiropractor in his city. All of this, without discounting his services.

The result is an automated system of producing high quality new patients that arrive while improving the overall brand equity of the profession.

Imagine if we all did that!

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