Dr. Bai is the founder and CEO of CloseForChiro, a company that teaches chiropractors one of the most important aspects to any business … how to get a YES from your patients. Nothing is more discouraging than a spending time and money on new patient acquisition and patients in end saying, “I need to think about it.”

Dr. Bai had a personal experience with a big loss. He understands that if we don’t connect and close them, they walk and we lose.

His experience and drive has made him the best closer around. It is not with corny tactics or unethical ways. It is done to first connect with what the patient wants and then he can give them what they need. We all can do this.

Chiropractors are passionate and driven, but many times unlearned with how to sale the patient their health plan. It is selling and it must be mastered. His approach can be implemented into any office. We can both grow our business and change the world into a new health care plan. This must be done!

Check out Close for Chiro at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Closeforchiro/

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