Dr. Steve Burlison, America’s Functional Medicine Doc is a natural medicine practitioner, board-certified chiropractor, nationally published author and keynote speaker.

After over coming his own health challenge he developed a revolutionary approach to health and healing that has been a great motivator to others to live a higher quality of life.

Dr. Burlison is known through the health care communities for his commitment to helping people achieve more from life.

Dr. Steve Burlison is widely regarded as a leader in the field of natural medicine and his counsel is highly sought after. A forward-thinker, he firmly believes that this moment in health care represents an exciting time with the advancement in natural medicine, cutting edge health care innovation, and proven systems.

He strives to push the field of health care further and to help as many people with whom he comes into contact to achieve their full health potential. Truly in the thick of things, Dr. Steve practices in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

For over twelve years, he has owned and operated The Burlison Clinic, which has help 1000’s of people get there life back.

Dr. Steve can be reached at Drsteve@bigideamentor.com, The Big Idea Mentor Podcast, Facebook: Dr. Steve Burlison and Big Idea Mentor, and Burlsisonfamilywellness.com

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