Over 90% of the population does not see a chiropractor. Heart disease, cancer and chronic health problems continue to rise. In 2012, 90 million Americans had diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Over 50% of children have a chronic health condition. 50% of Americans are dieting. 90-95% of all dieters regain the weight back in 1-5 years. 66% of adults are overweight or obese.

The community is ripe for growth. The sky is the limit and you need to deliver results! There is no better time in history to find new patients, help them succeed and grow an amazing practice.

The reason they want to lose weight is not about weight – it is about the results of losing weight. That is health and chiropractic and the correct weight loss system will deliver every time! Dieting is NOT chiropractic – but the principles behind physiology and HOW it’s explained is chiropractic.

Learn the workshop, paying $97 for a chiropractic/weight loss exam, sign up family, and come in every time for chiropractic wanting to lose weight!

Quote: Dr. Stephenson; “Dieting, as commonly understood, is not Chiropractic”

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