Fear is the #1 dream destroyer!

This applies for your patients and your practice.

Several steps must be taken to allow your patient to overcome their fear, accept your recommendations, and pay you for service.

The only way to transform their life.

They must spill their guts
The patient must be able to tell you CA or yourself all their complaints and what is on their mind. This releases the stronghold.

Once they let it out, they begin to have an open bucket and heart to listen. This is the first step in connection.

You must understand what they WANT
Their words are powerful. You must write them down and repeat back to them.

This is what they came to you for. You will soon be able to give them what they need, but first you must establish this relationship.

Make the connection
Understand and ask for what their fears are. Usually time and money. They have tried many other diets, drugs, supplements, and other doctors. They are skeptical and confused. This opens the door for your unique and powerful plan. They are ready.

Walk them through the process
At this point, if you have done your job, all you have to do is walk them through the process and they are ready to pay and begin care.

This process applies to you as well. What are your fears of implementing a new strategy in your office? Why are you not stepping out in faith and beginning?

You know that your patient will experience a life-changing event once they begin your care and implement chiropractic principles in their life. You know because you have experienced it and are on the other side.

We have also experienced how powerful implementing the IN8LIFE weight loss system in our office is. We are on the other side.

It is up to you to ACT and move forward. Your fear will paralyze you and create many excuses why this won’t work. If you want growth – you can’t stay put.

It takes Action. Join us at TheChiropracticAuthority.com and begin a new system!

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