The workshop is the #1 way to convert weight loss clients into raving chiropractic fans.

The workshop has several components:

  1. Results: Show the testimonials and get their interest. This will give them hope and excitement even when they are skeptical. They ALL are skeptical.
  2. Don’t overcomplicate: Teach the components of our program and why it will work. Briefly explain why other programs don’t work and how our program addresses physiology – the key ingredient.
  3. Don’t sell chiropractic: You don’t have to. Let the information sell itself.
  4. Physiology, hormones, and weight loss: This will make the connection between nerve function, hormones, weight loss, and healing.
  5. End on fire: They will ALL be so excited to get tested, see what you can do, and get their family checked as well.
    We walk through the very workshop we have used in our office to attract a massive amount of new patients and convert them into raving chiropractic fans.

Listen, learn, take notes, and implement immediately!

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