You MUST Walk the Walk and not merely Talk a good game.


Are YOU getting adjusted every week and doing home rehab?

Do you adjust your family and kids?

If you are NOT doing more than what you recommend – they will sniff you out and call your bluff.

You must get your house in order first.

Do you believe in the Chiropractic Principles, and that the body is self healing, self regulating and the nerve system is the master system?

Do you believe that Innate is on the job 100% of the time and is superior than any other form of medicine, supplements, and supportive care?

This is critical for growth and long term results. If you struggle here…..STOP!

Fix this first before going any further.

Exercise and supplements including weight loss:

These are supportive and secondary to Innate and our nerve system.

They must be implemented for optimal success but they must be secondary in your office. If not, you will struggle with growth and become a second class doctor.

Eating Healthy:

Healthy eating is an important part of overall healing. This is what patients believe will heal them. They know that diet and exercise is a must. They don’t know the principles.

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