They don’t want to do a weight loss program.

They don’t want to be adjusted.

They don’t even want to be in your office.

But they want a specific result. If you do not identify what they truly want, you will never sell them anything.

First you must be able to attract your clients/patients.

108 million dieters.

90-95% regain their weight within 5 years.

Most people hate diets – they are looking for overall health, energy, and healing.

Secondly, you must be able to convert this patient into buying your program.

Old system is to sell them a weight loss program and then try to sell them a chiropractic program. This is So Dead Wrong and will never build a practice.

Within days of our IN8LIFE weight loss program, they will feel better and begin healing – so they do not see any value to chiropractic once this happens.

New system…Our IN8LIFE system we teach.

Blend chiropractic physiology and weight loss programs together as ONE system.

Start by adjusting a few times before they ever start weight loss or cleansing, and they will feel better and begin to heal. Chiropractic is Primary now!

Third step is to teach and educate. If you never attract them, convert them to care, you will NEVER have an opportunity to teach.

At this point, you have the opportunity for doctor reports, advanced workshops, and teach them about your type of chiropractic and long-term chiropractic care.

Weight is NOT their problem – it is what the weight is doing to them that is their problem. Can and will they ever be HEALTHY without Chiropractic care? Can they have optimal health? Of course not!

This IN8LIFE system works in any office and can enhance every chiropractic practice.

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