There are plenty of patients that need your help within 5 miles of your office. If they all chose to come in, you would be overwhelmed.

Don’t have the “Lack Mentality”. Don’t just accept every warm or cold body that walks through your doors.

Be specific and write out your ideal patient. You will begin to attract more of what you want.

4 Questions you must ask and write out in detail, both by yourself and with your team.

1. Who are your ideal patients?

What age?

Male or female?

Educated or college degree?

Married and family?

What income level?

2. Where can you find the ideal patient?

Weight loss – weight loss forums

Ads in local paper

Radio show

Flyers to your patients


Your ideal patient will hang out or congregate in a certain location. Once you realize that, then you must be there every day. Hang out there if it is online, write responses, do workshops, facebook groups – be present and be the authority.

3. What bait will you use?

Free consult

Free Dinner talk

20 – 40 Lbs in 8 weeks

Money back guarantee

20 Lbs guaranteed in 5 weeks

The key is to be specific and not like everyone else. In weight loss, there are a lot of programs and many have the same catch. We utilize the SSHR – Sympathetic Stress Hormonal Response along with a 20 Lbs in 5 weeks – Guaranteed!

4. What result do you want to give them?

They are NOT interested in adjustments, herbs, or the weight loss kit. They are after RESULTS!


Keep the weight off for life

Restore their health

Hitting their weight loss goal

Being healthy and independent as they age


1. Have a website.

2.Check out Click Funnels. Russel Brunson has designed an amazing system to set up a landing page so you don’t even need a website. There are many components to his system that will allow for high level marketing.

His book Dot Com Secrets will outline this strategy in detail. A must read.

3. Schedule system to utilize on your website or landing page. Make it extremely easy for your new patients or clients to schedule their new consult is the system we use.

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