You can add in weight loss into a principled chiropractic office, but you must be clear in your explanation.

In The Chiropractic Textbook, by R.W. Stephenson, he gives us insight.

Art. 174, page 127, “Dieting, as commonly understood is not Chiropractic.”

We completely agree with this statement. Chiropractic care is not to inhibit or stimulate; it is to restore. Dieting is not restoring health or nutrition.

“Prescription is a medical procedure, not Chiropractic. To attempt to cure dis-ease by a prescribed allowance of food, is treating effects and not removing the cause.”

Art. 175, page 128, “Educated should not presume to determine the calories or determine which elements Innate should use. People with abnormal hunger, or other abnormal desires, are technically sick people. People with habitually abnormal appetites are victims of habit and are practicing a form of intemperance; not at all the expression of Innate Intelligence.”

“Therefore, nutritional hygiene is not dieting but common sense. It is simply the restoration of normal and natural environmental conditions. The restoration to normal, of conditions made abnormal by unwise educational living; restoration brought about by a wise, sane, and normal educated mind, coordinating with innate mind as it should, is nutritional hygiene. With this aspect of dieting, Chiropractic agrees. A sick person’s abnormal educated mind will not allow him to use common sense, therefore somebody else’s common sense must be used.”

“Chiropractic is not a propaganda for a new method of dieting, but is a return to the old; a restoration of the natural.”

Our IN8LIFE system restores the proper lifestyle that will allow Innate to thrive. The IN8LIFE system is principled and chiropractic.

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