We all hear them and see marketing promotions about how to hit the mother load with ONE thing. One ad, One Screening technique, or One new Niche.

It is all a bunch of CRAP!

There is no process that doesn’t require time!

Key Point: Don’t compare yourself to other docs. There are amazing chiropractors with high volume, collecting millions a year, and seem to be all over at seminars. Be yourself and learn from them, but don’t expect to become what they are overnight.

Dr. Zaino has an amazing practice, but he achieved his results with hard work and years of training and failures.

Every time you compare yourself to other docs, beat yourself up for not seeing 1,000 patients a week, believe that every workshop should yield 20 new patients, you waste valuable time and destroy your potential.

To get rich, succeed, or have amazing growth it takes some very powerful steps. It is not about the overnight success. Daily steps, week after week, month after month and year after year.

5 Steps for success:

1. Get up Early! Need a plan- check out Hal Elrod’s, The Miracle Morning. Getting up 15 – 30 minutes earlier will allow you to start the day off right. Once that time is easy, go 15 – 30 minutes more. You will see that you can get so much done in the morning.

2. Exercise / Move. Even our 8 minute workouts will energize your body and stimulate your mind. Go to Dr. Tressler on Youtube. We have created quick and powerful 8 minute workouts for all ages and experience.

3. Train and Study. Our coaching program was designed for 3 – 15 minute video training. It is easy to learn 1-2 concepts a day and implement. Train with staff and implement on each patient. This will allow you to own these concepts within a short amount of time. Also, listen to podcasts and audio training in your car, while working out or meditating.

4. Practice your new language on every patient. You don’t have to spend more than a minute or two with each patient to educate and help them learn your new system.

5. Train on the Weekends! It is easy to get up and hour or two before your family and kids get up. Train, watch video’s, take notes, work on a webinar, your workshop, marketing, and grow as a doctor and person. We all have this time, especially when we are building our practice, need to grow and earn more. Don’t be lazy.

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