What is all the talk about philosophy for?

Do you read the green books? Philosophy seminars, cd’s and training?

Do you even care to read about the chiropractic philosophy?

Is philosophy remotely important?

Some say without philosophy you cannot survive or grow.

Others say it philosophy has nothing to do with business or growth.

Philosophy won’t save you, BUT….you must be grounded in a strong philosophy or your success will be tremendously restricted.

Without the right philosophy, you will not serve your mission or your purpose.

Without the right philosophy, you will feel empty, will always try to find more marketing, implement different strategies and therapies. Always searching for the answer. We all have a philosophy – you must know and understand this and learn how to express it in your practice.

What do your patients want?

Principles they know work
A philosophy that they agree with and are excited about – this is your connection
We all need to understand our personal philosophy and be grounded in that. When we are, we become the Authority.

You may be surprised at what you hear today. Sit back and enjoy!

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