We should not only survive we should THRIVE with Chiropractic. But we are not.

50% of all businesses fail in the first year.

95% of all businesses fail within 5 years.

56% of all chiropractic businesses fail within 4 years.

With statistics like this, we as chiropractors need a game-changer. We not only need to survive, we need to thrive and become the leaders in health-care.

Other alarming statistics:

Attrition rate is 20 – 25%
People seeking chiropractic care went from 12% to 8%
The # of people seeking chiropractic care since the 90’s is down 2.5%
Chiropractic employment is expected to grow 28% by 2020
Student loan debt is increasing and salaries are not
Chiropractors have highest student loan default of any first professional health care field
74% – 90% of chiropractors use supplements
Chiropractors are leaving chiropractic to become supplement or vitamin doctors
Can you and will you survive doing Chiropractic? The future is to attract as many new patients as possible and teach them the principles. Learn how to attract a whole new area of health care clients.

Yes, we can survive and THRIVE with chiropractic care. Our principles and strategy is the #1 way to optimize their health…..BUT we must be able to reach new patients and get them in the door.

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