7 Steps to begin to implement immediately. Giving is a very powerful way to connect and begin your journey with your patient/client at a higher level.

1. Your time – You must be willing to give up some of your time to do research. Look up the stats. If a patient of yours is running a few minutes late, don’t close the door on them, wait the extra few minutes to let them in. Trust me they will appreciate you for it.

2. Information – you must be willing to send information to your patients on what you do, chiropractic, nutrition, health in general or whatever you do in your office. The more information they have, the more certain they are about what they are doing and why they are in your office.

3. Health talks – You must be willing to make yourself uncomfortable to get up in front of your community for the ability to spread your message and your brand.

4. Facebook videos- send 1-2 minute videos everyday to your patients and followers that are valuable to them. Don’t expect anything in return. Make the videos something that your followers can implement immediately.

5. E-mail – When a new patient comes into your office, once they leave, send an email to them with information on a natural remedy or something that they can implement immediately prior to returning to your office for their review. Ex. If the patient is suffering with headaches, send them information on something they can do that night that will help until you can go over your game-plan for them.

6. Give so much to your community and your patients that they are guilted into paying you for your service. Continue to give and give so more.

7. Most importantly, you should give for the sake of giving. You shouldn’t have the mindset that just because you give something you are entitled to something in return. That is the wrong mindset to have.

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