The elevator pitch. You must be ready at all times. It doesn’t matter if you are in an elevator, in line at the grocery store, or attempting to talk to a business owner, you must be well scripted, trained and passionate.

First start with 20 – 30 seconds to get their attention, and then you will have the opportunity to sell them you and your program

Build your pitch

Get their attention – big claim
Clarify your goal – what do you to achieve at this moment? What is your intention?
What do you want them to remember?
When you first meet someone, what is it that you want to achieve? You must outline this in detail, write it up, and practice it. It must become your statement.

When asked – “What do you do?” If you say….”I’m a chiropractor” – you’re dead in the water. You will rarely get to second base. You must make a statement and get them to be intrigued and curious. Once they buy into your vision or mission, they will accept that you are a chiropractor.

WHY? The majority of people already have an opinion about chiropractic and most opinions are not the truth. So, get them intrigued in your mission and they will buy into you. Not chiropractic. Once they are in your office, you can teach them anything you want. But if you can’t get them in – NO DEAL.

Powerful Pitch Script

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