We all have to address symptoms because that is what brings the patient in. We may communicate how the symptom is not the cause, but an effect. Whether they have headaches, back pain, acid reflux or weight gain, it is all relative.

The symptom is an effect of a body that is not functioning at 100%. If you treat obesity or weight gain as a symptom – you will find that the chiropractic principles and philosophy fits directly in with this.

Weight gain is caused by poor lifestyle choices, just like headaches, back pain and organ dysfunction. A subluxated spine, poor posture, and a dysfunctional spine also contribute to poor physiology, poor hormone function, poor digestion, and poor fat burning.

When you address it this way and tie it together, the patient or client will understand why they MUST have their spine and nerve system checked. This will allow you to continue to be a chiropractor and not a weight loss specialist or vitamin salesman or woman.

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