Travis Dillard helps chiropractors add an automated nutrition system into their practice in order to help patients step into year round wellness by removing deep seeded inflammation while also giving docs the ability to make recurring monthly income.

Travis is an international best selling author, keynote speaker, responsible for 800+ transformations over the past 10 years and is in 42 chiropractic clinics today using this same nutrition methodology.

Learn how Travis took his 70 overweight body at age 18 and made a transformation that is changing lives. Why emotional eating may be the underlying issue for many obese and overweight individuals.

Have cravings? There is a reason and Travis gives some key suggestions to beat these nasty killers.

Travis is helping clinics and Chiropractors implement long-term nutrition training for their patients without much effort for the doctor. His automated system may be the next step for your overall wellness program.

Travis can be reached at: and

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