All the experts in the world, all the entrepreneurs, inventors, and successful people have all had to just jump in and start.

Procrastination is the key to death. We will never perfect anything in life, so why wait. Waiting is for losers. From Steve Jobs to Thomas Edison, they have all had tremendous success and tremendous failure.

With success come many failures. We as doctors often tell our patients to follow through with our recommendations with passion, even when the patient is very unsure and skeptical.

Why? Our confidence. If you lack confidence and certainty, you will never engage or succeed to your highest potential. We all must build on this every day. But, it will never be perfect. We must act and engage even when we are a bit scared.

Ask yourself, what is the worst case scenario? It usually is not that bad and you can always reverse the damage even if it does happen. But then you must ask yourself, what if I succeed at a very high level? What will happen to my finances? What will happen to my free time?

Sometimes we must just jump in and Pull the Trigger. Our program for chiropractors allows success and financial investment to be returned and profited very quickly.

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