First – this is NOT a diet. It is a lifestyle change. We call it the Calorie Clean Diet. It is real food, herbal supplements and healthy choices.

We do a 3 step plan:
1. 8 day cleanse. This is designed to transition their very unhealthy diet to a clean eating nutritious plan while detoxifying. Easy and powerful.

The patient can lose 3-15 Lbs in just 8 days.

2.  8 week Rapid Weight Loss plan. This is a low calorie diet, real food, and 5 additional supplements. The 5 supplements work to cleanse, kick the hypothalamus in high gear to burn belly fat, restore minerals, gut health, burn sugar, and clean the blood system.

When this happens – the patient losses weight extremely fast while cleansing and healing. High blood pressure and diabetes can be quickly healed.

3.  8 Day Transition. This 8 days of transitioning back to higher calories without taking products will have their body functioning without supplements. It is all about function and healing.

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