We must become the authority. When we are certain what we do and why we do it, we will not live in fear.

4 Things that can paralyze you in practice.

  1. Patients with surgery

Patients that come in with screws, plates and post surgery – we are told NOT to adjust. You must become confident in what you must do, not what others have told you. That is FEAR.

  1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is just another concern some docs have. Don’t let it stop you or even hinder you. Learn from the best. Go to ICPA, find a mentor that adjusts pregnant women and children.

  1. Kid/infants

Again, learn from the best and become an expert. Our kids are the future. We need to educate and inspire the parents to understand how powerful that is. We must be the authority.

  1. Elderly

We must be able to adjust to any situation. We also must develop techniques that work with special situations. Elderly that present with osteoporosis need special care. You must learn and become the Authority.

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