What do we have to do and educate to have patients “Get it” and stay under care for life. We all know these principles are powerful and chiropractic care should be utilized for life, but how do we get our patients to understand.

  1. Passion and Vision

We need to turn our passion and vision into powerful energy the patient can catch. So, we need to read material, study, go to seminars, and listen to podcasts. Whatever it takes to gain the knowledge to stimulate our passion.

If we don’t have a vision for long-term chiropractic care and the wonders behind it, how will our patients?

Passion needs to be heart deep. Not skin deep. Dig deep to know why you are a chiropractor and why they need to be adjusted for life. Catch that and all else follows.

  1. Educate

We have to have a process of educating our patients. From the initial exam and consultation, to re-exams, progress reports, doctor reports, and consults.

Every day can add a little more education. Don’t be overwhelmed with pounding it in. It will come if you are consistent.

  1. Testing

You need a way to test their progress. It can come x-rays, posture analysis, thermal and nerve scans, or any other measurable test. Palpation and symptoms won’t cut it. This before and after test and ongoing tests will confirm progress and why they need to continue.

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