There is a reason millionaires become millionaires.

There is a game plan and action that MUST be done.

Become the millionaire chiropractor!

  1. Add time to your day

By waking up 15 min early Mon – Fri, you will gain 1 hour and 15 min more of quality work. By adding in 4 hours on Sat and Sun, you will gain 8 hours on the weekend.

That adds up to 37 hours a month = almost an entire week more of quality work.

That adds up to 12 extra weeks a year! = 3 extra months of quality work.

By doing this – you will become the AUTHORITY.

  1. Find one mentor/group to follow and engage with

We all need coaches and mentors. Follow the group that will guide and direct you to a better life. Someone that matches your strategy.

It doesn’t have to be perfect – but engage now to a stronger future.

All great people have coaches.

  1. Commit to being the Authority

Train every day. Listen to the podcasts to and from work, train on the videos every morning, read books, and then implement those strategies every day in the office.

Don’t worry about perfection. You must act and then work on your scripts daily.

It NEVER gets perfect. But it will improve and you will become the Authority.

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