It is not chiropractic you are selling. You are selling results.

This is a real client who had an amazing turnaround that would have NEVER came in based on chiropractic care. They are attracted to weight loss ads because they know they are overweight. They see it and feel it. They don’t know this for chiropractic.

(1) The weight loss ads attract. Easy for them to understand. They are LOOKING for ads in the paper, a new approach, a different answer.

(2) What if they don’t have symptoms? Trying to attract a client with NO symptoms is extremely difficult for chiropractic care. But not for weight loss.

(3) You must get their goals and concerns. We teach these steps through; The Chiropractic Authority System.

The coaching and training will walk you through every step. The health care system is failing. 1 in 5 deaths are related to obesity, weight loss programs yield very slow and expensive results, and health care costs are 150% higher if obese. The market is extremely rich for success.

They need help and the IN8LIFE system will deliver.

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