Teaching weight loss and physiology is simple.

You DO NOT need to do:

  • Blood work
  • Live blood cell analysis
  • Thyroid tests
  • Urinalysis
  • And NO Stool Samples!

You can do this with some basic tools. Posture, pH, digital body fat analysis and chiropractic testing.

Low budget and very cost effective. I use to think that the more complex the testing the more they would buy. WRONG.

Our IN8LIFE system has 3 different programs. From simple cleansing to rapid weight loss. All with amazing results.

What your client or patient wants is: (1) Easy (2) Simple (3) Fast (4) Results!

They don’t want all the special tests – they want a simple solution they can understand and get fast results with. That is what the IN8LIFE system delivers.

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