Learn why we started the weight loss program when being a principled, correction chiropractor. It was a rocky start to make the connection with weight loss and chiropractic, but we did it.

Weight loss can make you a lot of money, but it can also take you away from being a chiropractor – we can show you how to not make this huge mistake.

Do you need a coach? What are you getting into with coaching and what happens if you choose the wrong coach?

We all need coached and mentored to grow to a higher level of practice and life, but many times you can be coached into something you are not. Be careful.

Our IN8LIFE system can save you lots of time, money and travel by implementing a simple solution. Weight loss is about physiology and they will totally understand this connection about chiropractic care, hormones, and weight loss.

Don’t sell out on being a chiropractor to just a vitamin salesman/saleswomen!

Quote: Weight loss is about Physiology, and Physiology is Chiropractic

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