Become The Chiropractic Authority – The Easy Way

Learn a system that will quickly:
Attract new clients for weight loss, convert them to a system of weight loss and chiropractic
that can double or triple your income and still maintain the authority as the chiropractor, not a weight loss specialist.

All Your Questions Answered

The 120+ Video Training will walk you through every step of the way and every detail to succeed very quickly and easily.

PDF Downloads

You will receive pdf files to download and implement immediately for training, scripts, and in-office files and forms.

This is a Turn-Key System

Mark your calendar – because within 30 days you will do your first workshop and start implementing an amazing results producing system.


$99 per month

From the workshop, consult, and every step to take them through the weight loss program. Includes the manual for staff to train and implement within 30 days.
2. Weight loss workshop PowerPoint and office forms to download and implement for your office
3. Marketing strategies, newspaper ads, flyers, webinar, workshops, and scripts for the doctors and staff
4. Purchase ALL products at 50% discount and the entire IN8LIFE weight loss kit for $250 to sell for $1600 ($1350 profit on every program)

II.  TCA DELUXE       

$199 / month

1. ALL 120+ Training Videos (Series 1 – 11)
2. Includes ALL PowerPoint workshops, office forms to download, marketing strategies, and everything you or your staff needs to know about implementing our system.
3. Purchase ALL products at 50% discount and the entire IN8LIFE weight loss kit for $250 to sell for $1600 ($1350 profit on every program)
Includes (1) complete IN8LIFE rapid weight loss kit.
$1600 value and profit!


$399 / month

1. ALL 120+ Training Videos (Series 1 – 11 see below)
2. Includes ALL power point workshops, forms to download, marketing strategies, and everything you or your staff needs to know about implementing our system.
3. Purchase ALL products at 50% discount and the entire IN8LIFE weight loss kit for $250 to sell for $1600 ($1350 profit on every program)
*Includes (3) complete IN8LIFE rapid weight loss kits.  $4800 value and profit!!
**Includes Unlimited Support and Coaching ($199 / month Value)
***Includes monthly coaching support and strategies from our weight loss staff ($99 / month value)

12 Week Training

This is a Complete A-Z Turn-Key System for Any Practice

1. Weight loss workshop (Affiliate)

Powerpoint slides – Slides that convert a weight loss client into a chiropractic fan

Powerpoint training Key points behind the workshop

Why you don’t say you are a chiropractor

How to sign your patients up for a workshop

How nearly 100% of clients attending workshop will sign up for exam

How to do an outside workshop Why clients should always bring a friend

2. Ads in paper  (Affiliate)

4 ads – purpose behind the ad What symptoms to include

Why weight loss is an easy attraction

What to say in your ads that attract new clients

3. Screenings
What posters to use

What to say to not be ignored

The set up makes all the difference

How to explain the autonomic nerve chart

Convert a curious person into a new exam

Screening paperwork

Why you get their name and email

4. Attracting existing patients

Best to do yourself or understand reason behind with facts and figures

Use as another workshop – weight loss is a symptom

Review weight and health issues when doing every exam and consult

Use our results and pictures Specific testing to engage with at a re-exam

A simple flyer is all it takes – how to engage them and sign them up Quick table talk to sign them up for a workshop

5. Outside workshops
How to sign up existing patients to go to their work or church  What you need at a workshop How to sign them up every time at the close and charge money

6. Day one 

Phone calls, First exam orientation, Consult – Staff Exam by doctor: goal getting, posture, palpation, chiropractic explanation, physiology, stress hormone response, weight loss system, $97 exam fee, symptoms and conditions related to physiology, importance of x-rays and motion x-rays, Closing, spouse at report, and next visit procedures  Why we don’t adjust on the first visit

7. Report of findings

Understand the set up, mind set, and serious tone for closing the deal.

Individual or couple: Lean screen and testing results, x-rays, motion x-rays, x-rays related to physiology/weight loss, degeneration and arthritis, stages of decay and time, posture and effects to weight, why it could take time for results, why rehab is necessary, upsell for family care or exam, setting up for wellness or ongoing care, brief overview of supplements and weight loss program, Group doctors report

8. Closing 

Review of finances and options

One time payment, monthly payment options.

Patient objections: Let me think about it, let me talk to my spouse, it is too much money, I don’t have the time, it is too far to travel, I’m going away or on vacation soon, let me wait until next month, doesn’t my insurance cover this, I want to look at other options, I want to talk to my doctor, and many more

Up-selling for 1 year plan, Up-selling to more products, booster program, 2nd weight loss program, Up-selling chiropractic only patients to a cleanse or weight loss program

Why Doctor collects money and not staff

Payment first – then adjust

How to always sell at one of your programs so they don’t walk out

9. Re-Exams 

Monthly exams, consults, testing review, x-ray review

Questions and concerns

Family care Referrals

How to generate leads for outside talks and workshops

Keeping them focused on THEIR goals

Long term care

Selling another weight loss or booster program

10. Progress report 

Power point and workshop

Resign options – 1 year care plan options that work 95% of time

Getting family under care

Review of tests and findings

Home rehab for life

Patient review and sign up

11. IN8LIFE Program review and consults  (Affiliate) 

Review products and program

Review process of supplements and implementation

Why this is so easy

How to train staff

How to succeed

How to run a successful consult without knowing nutrition

Review of Food journal (manual)

Review their goals and their why

Progress exams and consults

1. Monthly exams

2. Questions & concerns

3. Family care

4. Referrals

Don’t be overwhelmed…
The video series is precise, time-sensitive, and gives you the exact training, scripting and downloads to implement quickly.
30 – 90 Days…..and you become the AUTHORITY!



Generate Fast Results in Chiropractic & Weight Loss!